month January 2021

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of Connectivism (I might need help… it’s only week 3)

This week, I have struggling to conceptualize what connectivism looks like with regards to course design. The idea of connectivism is really exciting. The idea that the internet has changed the essential nature of knowledge certainly resonates with me. But… Continue Reading →

Online Teaching and Learning – Exploring my Philosophy (Week 2)

Exploring My Philosophy  As I consider my online teaching philosophy, I am acutely aware of my role in alternative education and the vulnerable population of youth we serve. As I reflect on my own experience as an online student, I… Continue Reading →

Benefits and Challenges

Having transitioned to online learning and teaching last year, and teaching in a blended learning environment this year, I have experienced both benefits and challenges to online learning and teaching.   Benefits  The time I spent rethinking instructional design and prioritizing… Continue Reading →

Defining Online Teaching and Learning

Two very distinct different visions of online teaching and learning emerge for me as I go through our first week’s material.  The following reflects my current vision… subject to change as I work through the course material!  Asynchronous Vision My… Continue Reading →


Welcome!  I am so excited to be learning alongside all of you.   My name is Kate, and I currently live in northern Alberta, outside of Grande Prairie, AB.   As part of my portfolio, I teach an eclectic mix of wellness… Continue Reading →

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