Well, we made it to the end!

As I reflect on my learning and myself as an educator, I’ve realized that although there are many things I do well (curating materials, facilitating discourse, structuring collaborative activities) my clunkiness (is that even a word?) in the audiovisual realm and with social media is actually holding me back from creating engaging content for students.  It’s time I started to develop some skills!  As a result, my artifact to summarize lessons learned is a video.  I tried Adobe Spark and although I found some limitations with the length of videos you could add the need to convert video files, etc., I’m pretty sure all the frustrations increased my overall skill level, so I’m still calling it a win 🙂

Without length limits, I’m pretty sure I’d be subjecting you to a good 15 minutes of talking… the abrupt starts and ends seemed like a decent compromise.

I have enjoyed taking this course alongside you all so much.  Best of luck in your future studies!